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UK slots player wins big at 888Casino

One lucky online casino player was celebrating this week after it was confirmed they had won £973,400 whilst playing at the popular 888Casino.

Few details have been released regarding the win but it is known that the winning player is based in Merseyside and is known on 888Casino as a male player called F.A. His win is one of the largest of its kind at the online casino.

The most amazing fact about F.A.’s win is the fact that it came from a 25p wager to win the much sought after Ultimate Grill Thrills jackpot to provide a real rags to riches story for the winner.

F.A. commented on his win stating that he was “over the moon” and that the win had not come as a surprise to him because he had experienced a “feeling in his water” that he might win big.

F.A. went on to add that he plans to use the money wisely and will use it to help fund his retirement.