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World Match releases new Crime Records slot

World renowned iGaming technology partner World Match has announced the release of its latest slot title called Crime Records.

Crime Records has a similar feel to its reels as a CSI-inspired slot game and gives players the chance to get involved in the forensics side of investigating crimes as they try to win huge prizes along the way.

This new 5 reel slot comes with the opportunity to win free spins, hit Wild symbols to complete winning combinations and a number of exciting functions such as spin stop, auto play and fast play.

The slot also comes with an option for online casinos to change the settings to suit its needs with different variations of the game available to operators that choose to offer the game in their own way depending on the player they are targeting.

A World Match statement read “Another violent crime was committed in the city and the Crime Records Squad is already in place to detect fingerprints and gather all the evidences left at the crime scene.”

The statement continued “The murderer doesn’t have a minute to lose because the Crime Records Squad is already on his trail. The multi-line slot Crime Records involves players in a thrilling three-dimensional killer hunt.”

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