Light bulb moment

This is the first of many blog posts on the new look Gamingslots website. We have a lot to talk about and we also love slots, so a blog section of the website was long overdue. So far the team at Gamingslots have handpicked some article ideas that range from mobile games to slot machine classics, but we also want your ideas and input to feed this section of the site.

We want to know:

  • What would you like us to investigate?
  • Are there some How to… slots articles you want? – eg: ‘How do you play a slot machine’ or ‘How do you avoid burning through your bankroll’
  • Are there questions in the slots world that remain answered?

Get your thinking caps on and let us know, we would love to here what you come up with.

To get in contact with us with your ideas please visit our contact us page and start your message ‘Blog ideas’. We will take a look at it and get back to you to let you know if we are willing to take it on.

If you haven’t got any ideas for now then don’t worry, as you can check out our regular blog posts. There will be plenty to talk about just from the ideas we have already.