Paris Hilton in white top

The online gaming company bgo Entertainment has announced the signing of globally regonizable socialite Paris Hilton. The hotel heiress is set to become the face of bgo’s new TV ads alongside Verne Troyer.

Paris Hilton is the most recent celebrity to join bgo, following a campaign with high-stakes poker player and social media star Dan Bilzerian (sometimes known as Briefcase guy).

Viewers can expect to see Paris Hilton on their TV sets as soon as May. The ads will mainly target UK and Western European players. The ads will not be shown in the US, due to restrictions to online gambling.

Paris Hilton said “I’m pleased to be part of the new advertising campaign and to be working alongside Verne Troyer. The project is really exciting, I can’t wait for everyone to see it!”

Richard Skelhorn, co-founder of bgo said “I’m extremely excited to be working with Paris Hilton. She is a huge star, there is no bigger celebrity in gaming and I have always wanted to work with her on bgo.”

The new ad will be filmed at The W hotel in Los Angeles this April.

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