Apple Watch slot

No sooner had Apple announced the release of the Apple watch, then developers started producing slots that can accept bets on the tiny wearable devices.

Slots Time! is believed to be one of a few companies who have already managed to get their slot games app into the App Store, ready for download. This particular app is given away free with the option of in-app purchases of coin packs ranging from $1.99 – $9.99.

Real money wagering on the Apple watch has yet to hit the market, but the likes of Playtech, William Hill and Ladbrokes are already developing technology to allow owners of this pricey technology the ability to gamble on their wrist.

Slots Time! promo video:

Gamingslots is aware of several other developers rushing to get their products onto the Apple watch, as they take a punt on this wearable technology being a lucrative revenue stream.