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In an extremely rare act of kindness, not normally witnessed by online casinos, The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has paid out CA$1.1 million to nine gamblers affected by a software glitch on one of its slots.

BCLC conducted an audit of their slot games on their online site PlayNow.com and found a glitch had occurred in the slot game Wizard of Odds, which meant players were not being paid out at the advertised RTP (return to player). The fault remained undetected for nearly a year and it is believed that many other players may have a reason to try and make a claim for loss of winnings.

A spokesperson for the ground said they had ‘discovered the error and informed players’ and that ‘those affected would be reimbursed’.

If you are one of those players that did play Wizard of Oz at PlayNow.com between July 16th 2014 and June 11th 2015, then you should get in contact with the casino to see if you are owed any compensation.

BCLC recently reported online gambling revenue of CA$109 million for 2014/15.