gold mega jackpot slot mutliple games

A player at PartyCasino hit the jackpot Monday after hitting the Gold Mega progressive and winning $774,758 (€720,598 or
£510,607). Details of which slot the player won the jackpot on have yet to be published, but the win has been confirmed by several jackpot recorders.

The Gold Mega jackpot is the largest progressive jackpot you can win at PartyCasino and is linked across a number of slots at the popular casino site. Slots such as Mega Fortune Wheel, Hawaiian Madness and The sting are all jackpot linked, so every spin contributes to the overall jackpot total. The Gold Mega is one of the most active jackpots online, being won on average every 8 weeks. The biggest win in recent times was $1,985,920 back in 2011, however it regularly pays out close to $1m every time it is won.

Gold Mega is a seeded jackpot, so it is restarted from $500,000 after each win. This allows it to build up again very quickly, drawing interest from lots of players at the casino site.