Mega Fortune slot

The hugely popular progressive jackpot slot Mega Fortune has quietly crept back up to nearly €8 million, making it one of the largest available this November. Having been slightly forgotten following the huge £13m win on the Microgaming Mega Moolah slot in October. However, you can’t keep a good progressive jackpot down for long as is the case with Mega Fortune, which has pulled away from other jackpot slots in terms of value.

The actual value of the Mega Fortune jackpot at the time of writing is €7,840,943 ($8,367,708 or £5,496,294), which is nearly double the average win on the main jackpot.  The current jackpot has not been won for over 17 weeks, which is 5 weeks over the average win time.

Because the Mega Fortune jackpot is generally displayed in Euros, most winners tend to come from countries in Europe that have Euro as their currency. Several recent winners have come from Sweden and the biggest win on Mega Fortune was by a player in Finland.