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One of the latest entrants to the online casino market is Brian, from The Gamingslots team, got to speak to one of the founders and find out what this unusual sounding casino has to offer in this crowded gaming space.

Your casino is called Codeta, does this have a special meaning or significance?

That’s a great question and yes, it has a very special meaning.  There are so many casino brands out there, promoting the same games and essentially saying the same thing.  Our approach is much different and we believe our name reflects this.  “Codeta” is a unique word that was born during our founders’ travels in pursuit of the world’s best gambling experiences.  It is born from the “Coup d’Etat” – a French phrase that reflects our well-prepared coup against the industry, launching the top class digital casino. We have created a brand that is associated with pride and unlike any other online casino in the market. We are not reliant on obvious terminology e.g. “casino”, “bet” and we are not interested in jostling for position with other online casinos.  We know that Codeta will stand out from the crowd we can’t wait to show the UK market what we have in store.

The homepage has a lot of content about Live Dealer casino, is this your primary focus?

Yes it is and there are a number of reasons for this.  We believe that live table games bring all the thrills of a land-based casino to players online.  They engage with players on a different level to traditional slots, giving them an opportunity to develop analytical skills and playing can potentially become a rewarding hobby. Not only this but the fact that they can play live, with real dealers, in real-time, adds another layer of excitement that can only be replicated in a real casino.  No other casino has such a strong and clear position when it comes to offering live table games.  That’s the unique approach we are taking; we are bringing back the pride and thrills of table games – a fully immersive casino experience, led by the most awesome team who are committed to making Codeta “the” destination for all online casino players.

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What will help Codeta stand out from the many other online casinos out there?

I touched on the team that we have at Codeta and these people will be the driving factor behind our success.  Unlike all the other online casinos, our passion for being 100% transparent and ensuring players know exactly who they are dealing with, is going to be key.  Our team also welcome feedback too and that’s really important to us.  If we are going to continue making Codeta the great success it is, then we must listen to our loyal customers to ensure that we are constantly offering the best casino experience. This is why we have also chosen to work very closely with brand experts that can also provide us with ongoing consumer insights, ensuring that we are always reacting quickly to player preferences and as a result – always remain at the top of our game.   This is because we never want to be like other online casinos out there and we will stand out because of who we are, what we believe and the games we offer.

What type of slots do you have in your portfolio?

So although our primary offering is live casino games, the Codeta team have been working in this industry for more than 14 years and we understand the importance of having a full suite of casino games.  We are absolutely delighted to have a great portfolio of games ranging from classic and video slots, dice games, video poker and jackpot games.  We currently offer games from NetEnt, Play n’Go and 1 x 2 Gaming with many more game providers coming onboard very soon.  In the next few weeks and months, we will be launching some of the world’s most popular slot games and running some great promotions to celebrate.

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Will slot players get overlooked for potentially more lucrative Live Dealer players?

Not at all. We are investing heavily in building our slots offering, however, our primary focus will be to attract table game players, both now and in the future.  This is a great example of how we used the information that was gathered from our consumer insight and focus group research that we carried out.  It became very clear that table game players also love playing slots, particularly when they want to relax and take a break from strategising and performing.  Our focus was then to ensure that we gave every player that signs up to Codeta, an exceptional game playing experience, whatever mood they’re in. We also hope that regular slot players will give table games a try and fall in love with the excitement that they offer.  However, we fully respect that if a slot player arrives at Codeta and wishes to remain a slot player, we will always recognise them as such and will endeavour to provide them with the greatest possible experience.  The team at Codeta understand that it’s easy enough to get players through the door, but what we’re most interested in, is keeping them there, and we will pull out all the stops to make that happen.

Is Codeta available across all platforms?

Yes.  Our site was built and developed in conjunction with a cutting-edge design agency in Stockholm that has been involved with Codeta from the very start. They participated in every survey, focus group session and interview to help us create a truly engaging product and experience that players actually want.  Together, we have built an online casino with a very clear and defined identity and that utilises the latest technology, is accessible and fully responsive across all available platforms and devices.

Codeta Casino is powered by Every Matrix software and is licensed in Malta and the UK. Players need to be 18 or over to play, please gamble responsibly.