merkur stand at international gaming show

The German gaming company Merkur has quietly been taking many of its most popular slot games and redeveloping them for online play. So the team at Gamingslots thought it was about time we started reviewing these games and making any free play versions of the slot available on our site. Merkur slots are hugely popular in their native country of Germany and are widely enjoyed in other parts of the world. As online casinos start to fill up with their slots, more players will likely be tempted to give them a go.

One common feature of Merkur slots is they can be highly volatile. Which means there can be very long waits between hitting the feature, however when you do hit it then it can be very quite rewarding. For example the 5 payline Knights Life slot can pay over 3000x your stake in the bonus feature, something rarely seen in any slot game online or land-based.

Over the next few weeks we will do what we can to add as many online Merkur slot reviews and free play games to Gamingslots, as we believe they are games that visitors to our site will enjoy.