cashmio's a christmas tale promotion

Bringing in the festive cheer is online casino Cashmio, who have released details of their festive promotion ‘A Christmas Tale..’ We lifted details of this promotion from their website, with highlighted areas showing you how many spins are being given away.

21st of December: “Meanwhile, the fairies have been looking around the world and making inquiries about the location of the bandits. Fairies have received an anonymous hint saying that there is an abandoned warehouse in the island of Binkville. It is full of Christmas trees, toys, gifts, decorations and a even a white-bearded man with a red rope locked inside. Does this sound suspicious to you?”
Bonus: Deposit €10 and get 10 spins on Fairy Gate

22nd of December: “Alfred contacts immediately his detective friend to investigate this hint. And soon after, Cashmios get the confirmation: Santa is indeed hidden in Binkville Island! There is no time to waste, so step on the plane with Cashmios and head to Binkville Island! ”
Bonus: Deposit €10 and get 10 spins on Jack Hammer

23rd of December: “Cashmios arrive on the island of Binkville. All the hope is not lost yet! The army surrounds the whole island and manage to seize the bandits. Cashmios hurry up to the warehouse and unlock the Santa from the chains!”
Bonus: Deposit €10 and get 20 spins on Lost Island

24th of December: “With the help of Cashmios, Santa quickly gathers the reindeer and heads to deliver the gifts to all the good kids and adults. The joy of Christmas is spread all over the universe, and the whole mankind has our Cashmios to thank for saving the Christmas! Cashmios have this small gift for you too!”
Bonus: Deposit €10 and get 20 spins on Wins of Fortune

25th of December: “It is already late evening on the Christmas day, when Cashmios are done with delivering the gifts. They feel tired but content. Finally they are able to relax, enjoy foods and drinks and even sing some Christmas carols. The sky is full of glittering stars and the moon is creating its glow over the tiny cottage, where Cashmios have gathered together. They wish merry Christmas to all players around the world! Enjoy the glow with them!”
Bonus: Deposit €10 and get 20 spins on Glow

26th of December: “It is time for a feast! After travelling all around the world with Santa, Cashmios have collected different Christmas food from different countries: pudding, stuffed turkey, salmon, pickled herrings and cranberry sauce and of course for dessert different seasonal fruits, pomegranates, mandarins and kaki fruits. Yummy! They offer you some too!”
Bonus: Deposit €10 and get 20 spins on Fruit shop Christmas Edition

27th of December: “Cashmios got back all the stolen Christmas decorations too. Lisa has decorated the Christmas tree, Bink tried to light all candles but managed to burn his fingers. Benny watered all the Christmas flowers, but could you help him to get a bit more flowers to make the evening perfect?”
Bonus: Deposit €10 and get 10 spins on Flowers Christmas edition

28th of December: “When Cashmios think that nothing could make the day even better, the Crystal Queen enters to do her magics. Suddenly it starts to snow and the whole forest turns into a winter wonderland. There is nothing better than sit inside in warmth and watch snow flakes floating in the air. Maybe Crystal Queen has some magic saved for you too!”
Bonus: Deposit €10 and get 10 spins on Crystal Queen

29th of December: “Suddenly the peace is broken by the sounds of howling wolves in the distance. What could it possible be to make the wolves so distressed on this peaceful night? Help Cashmios to find out!”
Bonus: Deposit €10 and get 10 spins on Wolf Cub

30th of December: “There is a knock on the door, and Alfred goes cautiously to open it. Cashmios cannot believe their eyes! The Sticky Bandits are behind the door. They enter inside, quietly, ashamed. What could this mean?”
Bonus: Deposit €10 and get 10 spins on Sticky Bandits

31st of December: “The Bandits start to talk. They say that they are sorry for kidnapping Santa and stealing Christmas. They just felt so sad because no one ever wanted to invite bandits to their Christmas celebrations, and then they wanted to make everyone else feel lonely at Christmas. Cashmios feel sorry for the Bandits, and because they want to create happiness everywhere, they invite the bandits for their New Year’s celebrations. Let’s turn on the music and put on the disco lights! It is time to party and you are invited too! We wish you a happy New Year 2018!”
Bonus: Deposit €10 and get 20 spins on Starburst

Please note that this promotion is only available to players 18 or over, deposit required, please gamble aware. For full terms and conditions, please visit Cashmio website.