mr green slot soldiers promo

Take part in Mr Green’s slot soldiers mission, if you are brave enough to accept.

There are 4 challenging slot missions you need to conquer to get onto an in-game leaderboard. Do them in the shortest number of spins for a chance to win a share of £80,000!

How to take part

To get yourself onto the leaderboard and give yourself a chance to claim your part of the £80k prize pool, you need to complete the missions listed below in as few spins as possible. The minimum bet value must be £0.25 or greater. Here are your missions:

1) Hit the treasure chest in “Legend of the Golden Monkey”
2) Collect thirty (30) Free spin symbols in “Vikings Go Bezerk”
3) Scout the tropics of “Jungle Books” and change the realm three (3) times
4) Collect two chests in “Vikings Go Wild”

What are the prizes
1st Prize: £10,000
2nd Prize: £8,500
3rd Prize: £6,000
4th Prize: £4,000
5th Prize: £3,000
6th Prize: £2,500
7th Prize: £1,500
8th Prize: £1,000
9th Prize: £800
10th Prize: £700
11th Prize: £500
12th Prize: £400
13th-14th Prize: £300
15th-20th Prize: £250
21st-30th Prize: £200
31st-50th Prize: £150
51st-100th Prize: £100
101st-150th Prize: £80
151st-200th Prize: £60
201st-300th Prize: £40
301st-400th Prize: £35
401st-500th Prize: £30
501st-600th Prize: £25
601st-800th Prize: £20

Total prize pool in leaderboard: £75,000

An extra £5,000 has been kept aside by Mr Green for a special raffle, where the top 1000 players who completed their missions in the least number of spins will be entered into a draw for a raffle prize. To enter the raffle you must complete your mission within 24 hours of starting your first mission and be sure to ‘opt-in’ for the raffle.
Raffle Prizes
3x £500
3x £250
6x £100
9x £50
5x £20
120x £10

This promotion is only available to players over the age of 18, terms and conditions apply and please gamble responsibly.