FOBT machines in bookmaker

Fixed odds betting terminals set for new limits in the UK

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) will recommend that the government set betting limits on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT’s) to £30 or lower. The amount, equivalent to €34 or $42, is what they propose is the maximum stake that can be made on a roulette game per spin. The current level is £100 per spin, which can be lost in the space of 20 seconds.

The announcement this morning was a blow to campaigners, who have nicknamed FOBT’s as the ‘crack cocaine’ of the gambling world. They were hopeful that the recommendation made by the UKGC would be set at £2 per spin.

As part of the proposals put forward, The UKGC will also recommend that slot machine limits are set to £2 per spin and that players sessions are tracked to spot potentially vulnerable players.

Investors are understood to be pleased with the announcement, with shares in William Hill rising by 4% this morning when the markets opened. It will be up to the government to decide what the limits are, however the Treasury currently generate £700m per year through machine gaming duty from FOBT’s.