Insights into ICE Totally Gaming 2017: What slots players learned

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ice totally gaming 2017

London, UK is in the depths of winter, with daily temperatures sat just above freezing. This can only mean one thing, it’s time to pay our annual visit to ICE Totally Gaming, at ExCeL London. The team at Gamingslots certainly look forward to our annual pilgrimage to The Docklands in East London, where the casino… Read more »

Is the slots industry the latest target for the big gaming monopolies?

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slots mergers and aquisitions

A cursory glance at the movements in the slot game industry over the past year or so would suggest that the firms are involved in a seriously big land grab. Several gaming giants have been buying up slot machines manufacturers, with some eye-watering billion dollar deals being hammered out month after month. Are we witnessing… Read more »

Slots lives: The story of the ‘millionaire maker’ Megabucks slot

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megabucks jackpot slot

If you thought regular multi-million dollar jackpots were the preserve of online slots, and won by retired fishermen from Norway, you’d be wrong. One Las Vegas land-based slot has consistently churned out millionaires since its arrival in Nevada in 1986 and has awarded over $1 billion in jackpots ever since. Few land-based slots are so… Read more »