Extra Juicy Megaways slot

Extra Juicy Megaways slot review

extra juicy megaways slot gameExtra Juicy Megaways slot by Pragmatic Play brings some new things to the world of Megaways as opposed to their recent and disappointing game Elemental Gems Megaways.  We have elements of their older Sweet Bonanza Christmas Megaways slot combined with some of the colours and symbols of Fruit Party 2 slot. There is a summer sky background and various fruits to watch as we spin to some gentle pop music before the surprises here become apparent!  So can we some juicy returns here for our bankroll or will the game be extra hard to squeeze a profit from?

On the reels...
There are six reels each of 2 to 7 rows with symbols appearing single and stacked and 64-117649 ways to win.  You'll see no Wilds, the 7 is the highest 6-of-a-kind pay on Extra Juicy Megaways at a mere 6x stake but we do see Diamond scatters on all the reels.  So what are the surprises I hinted at above?  Firstly you have an adjacent pays format so any 3 or more consecutive reels with matching symbols mean you win here.  As well as that, any reels with winning symbols will totally clear themselves before the next tumble and not just the paying ones will vanish!  The pays aren't huge but there's a reason for that as we'll see next - after the 7's at 6x bet, Bells are 3.75x, Melons 2.5x, Blueberries 2x, Plums 1.5x, Orange 1x, Grapes or Kiwis 0.75x and finally Lemon or Cherries at 0.6x.  No modifiers, let's see the bonus.

Free Spins  
To trigger you require 4 Diamonds for 12 free games with +4 for each extra Diamond over.  You then see a wheel which can raise the spins by +4 each successful gamble up to a maximum of 24.  The rules say you could theoretically get up to 42 scatters (presumably via a 6x7 full Megaways screen) thus a maximum of 164 spins in our Extra Juicy Megaways bonus.  And Curacao will then become the world's toughest and most reputable casino licensing jurisdiction while Shergar appears in your kitchen.  Anyway, as in the base game, any Diamond scatters appearing will not disappear in tumbles and will fall to the bottom of their columns.  This is important as each will now display a random 3-15x multiplier (no extra spins or retriggers) which then add together and multiply the total symbol pays after each free game if they land.  We are told the usual 5,000x tedious Pragmatic win cap applies here too.

Our View...
Extra Juicy Megaways slot has a RTP of 96.42% if playing normally, 96.43% if using the ante bet which raises your stake by 25% for a double feature trigger frequency and finally 96.48% if using the 100x bonus buy if allowed where you play.  The game is colourful and the adjacent pays take some getting used to, as do the winning reels totally clearing!  This though can produce the odd decent base game hit but the value is in the feature really.  If you collect enough Diamonds with decent multipliers then you may see wins on their way to the promised land of 5000x.  If not, results in the low hundreds aren't rare.  These fruits could well prove to be extra juicy for your bankroll...


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