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Treasure Mine Power Reels slot review

treasure mine power reels slot gameTreasure Mine Power Reels slot by Red Tiger makes for a quick review. It's been done many a time before. It's yet another cartoon mining theme with the same juvenile character, sounds effects and music. So think any Red Tiger of this genre and there's a least half a dozen including Jingle Bells (yes every season gets a version!), Zeus Lightning and possibly the best of a bad lot, Mystery Reels Power Reels. Can we mine some treasure for our bankroll here or will... actually I couldn't really care less right now.

On the reels...
Yes, 8 reels of 6 rows, stacked symbols and a drab look hits us on Treasure Mine Power Reels slot. You have wins left to right over 30 lines with Wilds paying 30x bet for any 8-of-a-kind lines, 4 premium pays equipment symbols of 26 down to 13x and five card values of 10x approx. down to 3x. These amounts are approximate as they don't divide in most cases by exactly 30, which is your unit stake here. No scatters and the whole tedious affair is centred around special Wilds.

Wild Features
You have 3 different 2x2 Wilds which can appear and act on their own as simply a block Wild. There are modifiers when any 2 of them land though:
Miner Wild - mines prizes from the Diamond Wild when appearing together.
Diamond Wild - splits into new single Diamond Wilds when appearing with the Dragon Wild.
Dragon Wild - shoots fire at the Miner Wild who leaves a trail of single Wilds as he makes his escape.
Top pay here is cited at 1122x. I can't wait.

Our View...
Treasure Mine Power Reels slot has a 95.72% RTP and is the kind of game you leave on auto-play and forget until you hear sounds of activity as it's unwatchable after 2 or 3 minutes. Dull in every way, little potential and a pointless addition to an already dire series of slots. You won't find treasure in this mine, only trash...

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