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Love Island slot review

love island slot gameLove Island slot was sadly an inevitable release after the success of the 2017 Reality TV show on channel ITV. For those like myself fortunate enough not to have ever seen it, apparently they give young men and women a free holiday on an island paradise and see if 'they get it on'. How original, like Blind Date with cocktails. Alas it's not the first time this tele-visual tripe has made the transformation to online slots, as previously we've suffered Microgaming's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here! and Ash Gaming's X-Factor to name but two. Here we have the reels set over the predictable backdrop of a sandy beach with a correspondingly inane dance beat thumping away as we spin mingled with the giggles of the gullible wannabees who populate these shows. Will our balance 'feel the love' on this island though?

On the reels...

The usual five reels of three rows each and 20 paying lines are the backbone of Love Island slot and including the Wilds we have all our icons stacked up to 3 rows high. The Wilds and Glass Hearts pay 25x bet for a 5-of-a-kind win and then we see the Hot Lips and Beach Ball awarding 15x, Flip Flops 6x and finally five card values paying either 4 or 3x for a full line. Aside from the bonus scatters we do have two silhouettes of a male dancer on reel 2 and female dancer on reel 4 - if they land on the same spin they will expand to form Wild reels of 2 and 4. Any 'big' wins (over 5x bet according to the game!) are greeted with 'Reem Win!' whatever that's all about, possibly some new word coined in the dreadful show? And that's it until the bonus.

Hot spins

You'll notice a thermometer on the right of the reels with Warm, Hot x2, Hotter x3 and Hottest x4 displayed as the temperature rises. You may also have seen the silhouette Hearts on reels 1, 3 and 5. Land all three and then you are awarded 5 free games at the start of which more Wilds are added to the reels. The expanding Wilds and normal ones are still there and you begin on 'Hot x1' on the thermometer. If you retrigger the spins then more Wilds are added to the reels and any spins left plus the 5 new ones are played at the 'Hot x2' multiplier and so-on. You can get more retriggers when on 'Hottest 4x' but no more Wilds are added and the multiplier stays at 4x.

Our View...

Love Island slot will no doubt appeal to players from the UK who are brave enough to endure the ITV show but really it's all about the mechanics of the game, which actually aren't bad despite the dreary 94.18% RTP. You do have some potential for decent base game hits of up to 500x bet although big wins are rare, plus the bonus game is quite frequent and can pay well if you retrigger it more than once. It's not very advanced graphically either and the torpor-inducing music may grind some players down. I can't raise any love for this island, just plain indifference...

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