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Baron Samedi slot review

baron samedi slotBaron Samedi slot may have you recalling French lessons from your schooldays as it's their word for Saturday, but a lesser-known fact is that Baron Samedi is actually a major Loa (spirit) in Haitian voodoo and Samedi here is the World of Darkness. This fact becomes apparent when we see the reels set over a background containing charms, bones and the Baron's accoutrements of a cigar and glass of whiskey and there is voodoo drum music playing too as we play. This evil subject matter is nothing new when we take into consideration Netent's Voodoo Vibes and Microgaming's Taboo Spell, but can our bankroll survive all these dark forces at work here?

On The Reels...

Now I will tell you right from the start that Baron Samedi is very a very complicated and convoluted slot yet some of its secrets appear to very profitable if and when we can reveal them. The game is centred around spell cards which contain various benefits such as Wild reels and multipliers but the journey to them is exceedingly long and arduous!

The reels are a standard 5x3 grid with symbols pay 25 coins for 25 paying lines. The 5-of-a-kind pays are Baron In Red 120 coins, Blue 115, Orange 105 and Green Zombie 100. The lower pays are Red, Green, Blue and Pink gem awarding 35, 30, 25 and 20 coins respectively. Skull Wilds appear on all reels as do Voodoo Card scatters and there is a 1000x bet pay if you see all 5 scatters, a rare large scatter pay only bettered by Netent's Dead Or Alive which awards 2,500x for 5 scatters!

Voodoo Cards

Now this is where Baron Samedi gets very complicated as there are 36 different cards which can be collected. Some are rarer than others but they have 4 scaled strengths to 9 different enhancement categories to make the 36 up. You can view your card collection by clicking the pack above reel 5. Strength is rated 1-4 with 1 being lowest and you accumulate them as you play via the Voodoo Respins which we will come to shortly. The maximum strength of 4 needs only 10 cards to achieve which are rarer and the minimum strength of 1 needs 50 of the more common cards accumulated. Strength 2 and 3 are 20 and 40 cards respectively.

To abbreviate this paytable madness a little I'll provide the multiplier example of one of the 9 categories and simply list the other 8:

1. Multiplier applied to winning spins - 2x strength 1, 3x strength 2, 5x strength 3 and 10x strength 4.
2. Stacked premium symbols added to the feature reels lowest to highest according to strength.
3. Mystery symbols added to a number of reels according to strength.
4. Lower paying symbols converted.
5. Fixed 5-of-a-kind win on centre row.
6. Random Wilds added to grid.
7. Wilds added to best possible reel position when they've stopped.
8. Reels turned Wild.
9. Complete mystery symbol reels added

Voodoo Respins

Right, if just 2 scatters appear you'll be awarded 3 random cards from the 36 possible combinations of category and strength. These will be added to your collection and will all be applied to this one respin too.

Voodoo Free Spins

You will receive 7, 12 or 15 free games for 3, 4 or 5 scatters landing in view. You will be awarded 3 random cards for each spin and these will also add to your collection. Should you complete a card set strength during the free games you get 3 extra spins and that card will will be fixed as a permanent card when the 3 extra spins start. This can occur up to 3 times in which case the final 3 spins would be played with 3 fixed cards. Obviously features become better as you increase your collection of higher strength cards so for example if you get the best multiplier of 10x in play on a free game and the highest Wild reel one which gives 3 Wild reels on 1, 2 and 3 some large wins can occur.

Our View...

Baron Samedi is a very good slot in my view but the obvious disadvantage is the incredibly complex range of feature enhancements and the fact that to benefit fully you are committed to a hell of a lot of play beforehand. The game is good on the eye and Voodoo Respins frequent enough to maintain your interest too plus we get a really high 97.00% RTP as well. The free games rounds will never produce two the same and this is what makes them really exciting to play through as well as some big win potential with the right cards. My advice is not to get too bogged down in the minutiae of the rules and simply enjoy events as they occur otherwise your eyes will bleed like mine have after typing this out! Take a trip into Baron Samedi's World of Darkness - there's nothing to afraid of, really...

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baron samedi slot
baron samedi slot
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