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Valley of The Gods 2 slot review

valley of the gods 2 slot gameValley of The Gods 2 slot by Yggdrasil is naturally based on the mechanic of the original Valley of The Gods slot they made a year or so before this edition. If you have played those WMS slots with stepped reels such as Red Flag Fleet or the subsequent Zeus III slot you will understand how this game works. A blurred image of Karnak in Egypt lies behind the reels here and you hear some soothing music from ancient Egypt to set the mood, although I get the feeling this game may be anything but gentle! So can our bankroll earn some Pharaonic riches here?

On The Reels...

There are no pay lines here on Valley of The Gods 2 slot and you begin with 240-ways with the rows from left-to-right in a 1-2-3-4-5-2 pattern. Symbols are single but each winning tile will release a scarab that then removes a block from the surround to the reels, this liberating more ways as rows are increased. The most you can get is 3-4-5-6-7-8 when the reels are fully activated, or 20,160-ways and this has other benefits which we'll soon discover. The 6-of-a-kind pays are 16x Sphinx, 8x Crocodile, 6x Bird or Anubis and six card values pay either 4x or 2 for a full way.

Re-spins and Modifiers

Every win triggers re-spins and if you fully unlock the reels you will earn modifiers. These are life, Wild and multiplier. From the re-spin which unlocks the full reels and all subsequent re-spins, the Scarabs released by the winning symbols will be coloured accordingly and you will see a meter under each modifier with 5 segments.
Red Scarabs - each 5 red winning tiles will add 1 extra life.
Blue Scarabs - each 5 blue winning tiles will add 1x to the multiplier.
Yellow Scarabs - each 5 yellow winning tiles add a Wild reel in a random place which remains until it's used in a win.
There are no limits to the extra lives or multipliers you can accrue here, but bear in mind yellow wins are the rarest so you don't see many Wild reels.

Our View...

Valley of The Gods 2 slot is very good for a slot which has no dedicated free games bonus. The RTP is 96.00% so that's all in the base game and that is no bad thing as it seems quite easy to unlock the full 20,160 ways for the enhancements which could theoretically pay you very well indeed, but even when they don't you get 10-20x usually. The sounds and animations are very easy to live with as well. You may find these Gods live in a happy valley if you give them a try...

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