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thundercats slot logo

Thundercats slot has a trademark theme based on the Warner Bros. cartoon of the same name and that is no surprise from Blueprint, the providers of many other licensed slots including Ted, Top Cat, Viz and Worms. Now the reels are set against a tall background due to reels expansion which we’ll come to soon… Read more »


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pets slot logo

Pets slot, by its title, instantly suggests it’s going to have a childish Fluffy Favourites sort of theme and that has proven to be correct when you open up the game. Dreadful happy-clappy jazz music greets us with infantile ‘boing-boing’ sounds as the reels stop and it’s hardly worth describing the juvenile graphics, other than… Read more »

Top Cat

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top cat slot logo

Top Cat slot is based on the classic TV cartoon made by Hanna-Barbera which had 30 episodes and ran between 1961 and 1962. Our feline friend was revived in two movies as well in 2011 and 2015 and these inspired the slot. TC (as he’s known) lives down an alley with his pals and lives… Read more »

Copy Cats

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Copy Cats slot is game that does exactly what the name suggests – it’s about cats and they tend to copy each other. The slot comes with a happy jazz soundtrack similar to what you get in the Pink Panther slot and a squeaky ‘miaow’ when a cat win occurs. The graphics are pretty basic… Read more »

Jungle Spirit: Call of The Wild

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jungle spirit call of the wild slot logo

Jungle Spirit slot is a rare 243 way edition from Netent and the title is quite ironic when we see the word ‘Wild’ in the title – but we’ll come to that in a minute! The theme is naturally animals of which we see the tiger, elephant, bear, crocodile and cobra featured along with vine-covered… Read more »