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Bullseye is a slot game specifically targeted at British betters who grew up in the 80’s. During such time there were a very limited number of channels on the TV and Bullseye was about the best option on a Saturday afternoon once all the football had finished. The show used to attract millions of viewers… Read more »


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Thundercats slot has a trademark theme based on the Warner Bros. cartoon of the same name and that is no surprise from Blueprint, the providers of many other licensed slots including Ted, Top Cat, Viz and Worms. Now the reels are set against a tall background due to reels expansion which we’ll come to soon… Read more »

Love Island

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Love Island slot was sadly an inevitable release after the success of the 2017 Reality TV show on channel ITV. For those like myself fortunate enough not to have ever seen it, apparently they give young men and women a free holiday on an island paradise and see if ‘they get it on’. How original,… Read more »

Top Cat

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Top Cat slot is based on the classic TV cartoon made by Hanna-Barbera which had 30 episodes and ran between 1961 and 1962. Our feline friend was revived in two movies as well in 2011 and 2015 and these inspired the slot. TC (as he’s known) lives down an alley with his pals and lives… Read more »

Pawn Stars

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There are a few developers in the slots industry where you must stand up and take notice whenever they launch a new slots title onto the market. The prestigious Bally Technologies are one of those developers so when they put a branded slot on the market then you really know it’s time to shut up… Read more »