Crosstown Chicken

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Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? A: To get to the other side! This old joke is 100% appropriate for the workings of this bizarre yet imaginative Crosstown Chicken slot from Genesis Gaming – because that’s exactly what happens! You open the game to an aerial night view of a 5-lane New York… Read more »

Worms Reloaded

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Blueprint Gaming have followed up their original Worms slot with an upgraded version – Worms Reloaded. Based on the old Playstation game, our military earthworms have more adventures for the player in this edition. If you missed the whole ‘worms’ series of games back in the late 90’s then it is probably best described as… Read more »


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A 5 reel, 50 pay-line (fixed) game from Blueprint Gaming, Worms is an adrenaline-fueled video slot with some big betting potential, and bonuses galore for the lucky slots player. If you owned a Playstation in the 1990s – back when remote controllers and Grand Theft Auto V were twinkles in their daddies’ eyes – chances… Read more »


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Bejeweled started life as a popular gem swapping game that comes from the genre of games that also includes Tetris and Kyodai. You must eliminate gems in order to make room for others and avoid having your grid filled with gems. When it was first rumored that Bejeweled would be making the transition to the… Read more »

Bejeweled 2 Slots

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Bejeweled began life as a classic puzzle game where players would have to match up several of the same gems in a row to eliminate them and eliminate as many of the gems as possible. In essence, it is much the same as another popular game that is also now a slot game: Chuzzle. The… Read more »