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Sky Vegas launches CashBack slot game

Online casino Sky Vegas confirmed the launch of its latest slot game title called CashBack this week.

The new 5 reel, 20 pay-line slot game gives players at Sky Vegas the chance to earn cash back whilst playing on one of the most popular slot games available on the market today.

CashBack adds the stake from every losing spin to the bank. If a player then fails to win seven spins in a row then the player is rewarded with the total that has been tallied up in the bank.

The new slot game also has an exciting Bonus Round feature where players must hit five golden coins across the reels to activate it. Once in the Bonus Round, players must spin the feature wheel to try and multiply their winnings.

A Sky Vegas statement read “CashBack slot once again proves just why Sky Vegas is widely regarded as one of the UK’s premier online casino websites.”

It added “It continues to innovate and develop the shape of the slot game. Players can expect a wholly familiar experience with additional scoops of surprise and excitement chucked in for good measure. From vividly themed games like Deal or No Deal and Reel King, Sky Vegas continually create ways to keep players engaged.”