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Sky Vegas releases Happy Fruits slot game

Online casino Sky Vegas confirmed the release of its new video slot game called Happy Fruits this week.

The new slot title is a step back to the classic slot games to give players a real sense of nostalgia with the game adopting many of the original features classic fruit machines used to have back in the day when they first hit the market.

There is a Splat Feature where players can pick a symbol and win a prize amount. The players are offered three, four or five symbols with each symbol representing a multiplier.

The Super 7s Bonus Feature displays a mix up of all the number 7s and the player must pick one. Gold, silver and bronze medals are revealed depending on which one the players pick and a set number of coins are then revealed as the prize amount.

There is also a Crazy Steak Bonus Feature where players activate the reels to spin. The reels will then display a matrix of symbols and depending on which symbols and the pattern of the symbols it displays a multiplier is then revealed.

A Sky Vegas statement read “Sky Vegas continues to innovate and develop the shape of the slot game. Players can expect a wholly familiar experience with the addition of a surprising and exciting twist. From vividly themed games like Deal or No Deal and Rainbow King, Sky Vegas continually creates ways to keep players engaged.”

The statement added “Come on and get happy. Sample the fruits of Sky Vegas’ labour and play the best fruit machine in town.”