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Debit cards soon to be used on Las Vegas slot machines

Players will soon be able to use their debit cards to place bets on slot machines in Las Vegas it was confirmed this week.

The Nevada Gaming Commission officially approved the introduction of prepaid cards for slot machines located on land-based casino floors in Sin City in a move that could transform the way players play slots in the US state.

Land-based casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey already allow players to fund their slot machine game time with prepaid cards and it is expected that other gambling destinations will follow suit.

The move has been given a positive response by the casinos with many stating that it will help them to make savings on money handling costs and also improves the efficiency at which players can withdraw funds to play on the slot machines.

Chief Financial Officer of Station Casinos Marc Falcone said “We believe that it is time Nevada gaming companies get the benefits of electronic commerce that have been available to other industries for several years.”