Mirrorball slots logo

Social casino gaming developer Plumbee has announced the re-launch of its iconic Mirrorball Slots on the iOS platform.

The re-launched Mirrorball Slots now has the name Mirrorball Slots: Kingdom of Riches and it is hoped the re-branding of the popular slots title will attract a new audience as well as maintain its strong following.

A re-launch, as opposed to a re-integration, was opted for by Plumbee after market research suggested that there was scope for a boost in new customers if the Mirrorball Slots brand was completely overhauled.

Four new game titles including Firestorm, Sinbad, Supernova, and Treasure Island have been added to the new Mirrorball Slots: Kingdom of Riches and other improvements include improved flexibility, a more solid technological base, and a fresh look and feel.

Plumbee CEO Raf Keustermens said “The team worked flat out over the last month to ship this product and the result is truly amazing, it is now really one of the strongest mobile slots games out there.”

Keustermens added “With this re-launch of our iOS slots app we have now firmly established Plumbee as a multi-platform company.”