computer says no

A Norwegian slots player was left searching for answers this week after being denied a staggering 840,000 pay out by casino site after an allesged software error.

The win, equal to £74,884 or $117,076,  is alleged to have occurred at the end of November after slots player Nina Larsen Kvam, from Sogndal, deposited 300 NOK into her casino account. She then played a number of games at the casino building up her account balance with a huge 500,000 NOK win.

Kvam, 25, said “I played myself up to over 840,000 NOK, but then I did not dare play any more.”

Kvam was in complete disbelief at her win and had to speak to her mother and boyfriend to say about the win that had just happened. She even logged in and out a number of times to double check that the win was not a dream.

However, when Kvam logged back in once more a few hours later at midnight she discovered that not only had her winning sum been deleted but her account had been closed down due to what the casino stated was a ‘technical error’. The winnings were declared void due to a slots malfunction.

She added “I sat at home and trembled. I had to call my mother and a girl friend. I almost started to cry.”

In a further twist to the story, Kvam then claimed that, a subsidiary of Play Cherry Ltd, had offered her a compensation fee of 30,000 NOK through her lawyer in exchange for her not going to the media with her issues at the casino.

Kvam’s attorney, Eric Espelid, stated that Kvam was now considering seeking police involvement into the incident claiming fraudulent activity from the casino. have yet to comment, but are probably considering their options very carefully as there is nothing that puts players off more than a casino that doesn’t pay out. Only last month, players at Betsafe Casino triggered large payouts on the new Cosmic Fortune slot from NetEnt due to an alleged technical glitch.