busy slot machines

Slot machines that require an element of skill and possess an arcade-style format are set to be launched at casinos in Nevada, it was confirmed this week.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed off a bill on Thursday 21st May that had been proposed by state lawmakers to introduce the skill-based slot machines and it has now been approved by the Nevada state gaming industry.

The bill intends to encourage the development of skill-based slot machines and states that gambling regulators should enforce rules that promote “innovative, alternative, and advanced technology” in slot machines and other casino gaming products.

It is anticipated that the new rules will see slot machines developed and released on the Nevada casino market with a skill element needed to play the machines so that players get a more “video game” experience. It will mean that players can technically be rewarded more for performing better on the machines with the RTP increasing for players that are more accomplished at playing the games.

A statement from Governor Sandoval read “”In order for our state to sustain its edge in an increasingly competitive gaming industry, we must continue to expand, evolve, and embrace the potentials found in the 21st century.”

“This bill allows gaming manufacturers to use cutting-edge technology to meet the challenges prompted by a younger, more technologically engaged visitor demographic. Passing this legislation into law is an important step forward in providing new opportunities for this critical industry to progress while ensuring that Nevada remains the global epicenter for gaming innovation and development,” the statement continued.

News of the bill being approved has been met with strong support from a number of sections of the gambling industry with the CEO of the American Gaming Association, Geoff Freeman, just one individual encouraging other US states to introduce a similar bill so that skill-based slot machines become more widely available across casinos in the US.