dark knight jackpot slot

The Microgaming progressive jackpot slot Dark knight is close to reaching a major milestone, as its jackpot closes in on £8 million. The sum, equivalent to $12.4m or €11.3m, is just short at the time of writing at £7,759,821 and is expected to rise very quickly with increased interest.

The current total has far exceeded the biggest jackpot won on Dark Knight, which was £6,374,600 back in 2012. The average win on Dark knight is £2,788,9710, so it is well over due at its current level.

The Dark Knight jackpot is not the only progressive from Microgaming that is monumental at the moment. The Mega Moolah jackpot slot has also reached over £7 million and is expected to go any day soon.

A video of the Dark Knight slot is below, showing the bonus round where you spin to win jackpot: