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Online gambling company Betsafe has created an innovative approach to advertising their brand, with a message of ‘No Bullshit’. The owners of the European facing brand, which offers sports betting, casino and poker, wanted to find a way of standing out from the crowd in a very competitive market.

Betsafe’s new honest approach has come from research that revealed audiences felt patronized by the majority of betting company ads which tried to entice new customers with jackpots and offers that didn’t add up. They have got rid of the eye watering bonus offers and have actually been honest enough to tell bettors that they will most likely lose.

Betsafe’s new campaign was developed by creative agency CP+B Scandinavia, based in Gothenburg. Markus Lindsjö, creative director at the company, said in a statement,

“We want to reach those who don’t see themselves as the statistically average. The self-proclaimed outliers. And to get them to attempt to prove us wrong when we say in all honesty that they’re unlikely to beat us.”

Jeremy Taylor MD of Betsafe also commented on the new campaign:“Ultimate players and thrill seekers… are incredibly tired of being patronized. Our customers are not stupid and I think they deserve the honesty that we give them with this new campaign”.

Betsafe are set to launch the “No Bullshit Betting” campaign throughout Scandinavia, Germany and UK very soon. If you would like to view the ad yourself, you can watch the version below: