Genting Mint Casino London

A casino croupier at the prominent Cromwell Mint Casino, London, UK was caught stealing thousands of pounds worth of casino chips by hiding them in his socks.

The daring scam had been going on for months before it was detected by the casino. The croupier slipped chips into a false pocket which connected to a tube in his socks. He would very carefully remove the occasional chip from the table and casually drop it in his pocket, without being detected by the players at the table.

The croupier, who is of Romanian background, is believed to have smuggled out around £12,000 ($17,611 or €16,376) with the help of an accomplice.

Security at the casino became alerted to the croupiers’ suspicious behavior and monitored him more closely. After they noticed he was slipping chips into his pocket they decided to search the croupier and found chips in his socks.

Police were called to the establishment, but it is understood that no arrests were made. The croupier was immediately dismissed from his job. Details of why the man was not charged are not clear, but it is thought that the casino did not want to draw attention to the situation.