dark knight jackpot slot

Speculation is growing that casino software behemoth Microgaming is considering pulling its two Batman-themed slots; Batman – The Dark Knight and Batman – The Dark Knight Rises.

Although there has been no official confirmation from the Isle of Man-based developer, there has been some indications from its casino operators that the games will soon be removed.

The latest indication came in the form of an email from a casino to its affiliate partners. Vegas Palms Casino online told its partners in a slightly odd message that The Dark knight had ‘renounced his old life’ and decided to go ‘love in the countryside with the birds’.

Amongst the cryptic content was a suggestion that the game will be pulled on June 27, less than two weeks away.

Part of the email from Vegas Palms Casino read: “THE DARK KNIGHT™ has decided to pack his bags and renounce his old life. Sources tell us that he’s trading in his superhero lifestyle for a quieter, more serene one, where there are no bad guys to defeat and no damsels in distress to save. For the indefinite future, he has vowed to live in the countryside with the birds.”

“These slots will be discontinued from 27 June, 2016,” it went on to say.

Suggestions are that the licensing arrangement that Microgaming has with DC Comics for the Batman slots is no longer viable for them. A similar situation occurred with the Lord of the Rings slot, which was removed by Microgaming several years ago.