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This weekend saw one lucky player walk away with $712,953 (£553,426 or €636,763) after taking down the Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot. The stunning win has not yet been announced by any particular casino, but it definitely occurred as the jackpot was restarted at its seed level of around $130,000.

The Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot is one of the most active of all the giant jackpots, paying out on average every 7 weeks.  Typically it will pay out around $700,000, however it has paid as much out as $1.3m in one go in the past.

This particular jackpot is linked across several Playtech Marvel-series slots, such as Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America as well as others. Playtech slots are available at several online casinos, however there are several country restrictions, making them unavailable to many players.