casinomeister shield near tower bridge

Popular casino portal and forum has had a major upgrade today, following months of re-development. The site, which has been online since 1998, has been a strong advocate of fairness and transparency in the online casino industry. However, providing so much content in a digital age which is ever changing has presented new challenges to the team.

Bryan Bailey, founder of Casinomeister posted a press release on Facebook today announcing the approach the company has taken to improving its website. These include making all pages of the site ‘100% mobile friendly’ and an upgrade to encrypted login for all user accounts. There has also been significant changes to the websites navigation and a focus on making content easier to find and access.

Casinos, new and old, now have clearer definitions of where they rate on the site. A ‘Grey Zone’ has been introduced for those casinos that are under consideration or may have dropped out of the accredited list. There will still be a rogue pit for those casinos that continue to use unethical practices or have questionable terms and conditions.

screenshot of new casinomeister website

The general feedback from the Casinomeister forum has been positive, which several members congratulating the team on a successful launch. A few minor issues with the email notifications were reported, but it appears the relaunch has gone fairly smoothly.

goatwack, a popular forum member, commented:”The site looks a lot better, much cleaner than before. I do like how the right things were changed and others left as before, so there’s a good balance.”

“Am particularly impressed with the sub-headers along the top, such as ‘Accredited Casinos’, ‘Bonuses’ etc, it’s very streamlined and easy on the eye.”

“Good job all-round,” he added.

old casinomeister website

The Casinomeister team will be eager to see if their efforts to improve the site speed, structure and design will lead to increased visitors and popularity of the brand.