relaunch slots site Gamingslots

Gamingslots has been revamped and relaunched this week with a brand new design. Without deviating too far from the previous presentation of the website, Gamingslots now offers a simplified menu and greater acceptability to all your favourite slots.

The website, which was previously revamped in 2015, has been improved in many ways. Most notably on mobile devices, where the previous incarnation did not perform as well.

Speaking about the relaunched Gamingslots, Editor-in-chief Brian Wilkinson said: “We are very pleased to bring the website right up to date with modern design and functionality. It is amazing ow much has changed on the web in just 5 years, especially when it comes to slots.”

Senior editor Casino Daz added: “The new look Gamingslots will go down well with our followers, who have been asking for adjustments and improvements around the site. I am hoping we will continue to keep making the site better and more relevant to slots players.”

Gamingslots is pleased to be one of the fastest at getting reviews and free play versions of the latest slot releases up on their website. Our team have spent many years building relationships with the best developers to get the best games up and accessible on our site.