casino daddy youtube account

Video sharing site YouTube appears to have closed down two popular casino channels yesterday; Letsgiveitaspin and CasinoDaddy. Both accounts are live today but have lost thousands of followers and countless hours of posted content.

No details are forthcoming from either of the channel’s representatives, but it appears that a possible reason they may have been closed is due to the running of unofficial raffles in some of their videos. This suggestion was made in a thread at Casinomeister forum this morning.

At the time of writing, some of the videos on Letsgiveitaspin’s channel appear to have been reinstated, but only a total of 5 videos are available. CasinoDaddy was running some live streams, but all but 2 videos have been removed. They also appear to be linking away from their main casino portal, suggesting something has gone on overnight.

Streamers like Letsgiveitaspin and CasinoDaddy have gained a lot of attention in the past 2 years, as the interest in watching others play on sites like Twitch and YouTube has ballooned. CasinoDaddy managed to gain mainstream attention from UK tabloid newspaper The Sun after one of the streamers mistakenly chose to gamble €3762 on Imperial Dragon. The video of the episode went on to reach over 250,000 views. Both Letsgiveitaspin and CasinoDaddy were identified as famous casino streamers by The London Economic.

Many other streamers are now left in limbo as to whether their channels will be closed, suspended or altered in any way following the apparent closure of these two well established accounts.