Due to a increase in slot games developed for mobile and tablet devices, Gamingslots has prepared content specifically focused on these games. This new section has a growing number of reviews and videos about mobile slots, with details about which devices they are available on and where they can be played.

The growth of slots designed for mobile and tablets is not a new thing, however the amount of new games available has increased dramatically since 2013, with major suppliers such as Microgaming, Playtech, IGT, Net Ent redeveloping games within their portfolios for mobile devices. Many of these new slots have a very similar look and feel to the original online slot, however there are normally a few subtle differences in the game. There has also been a wave of smaller slots developers that have entered the market, simply offering slot games for smaller resolution devices. Most mobile slots have been built in HTML5 and come with different functionality and betting options to popular online slots.

What are the key differences with mobile slots?

For the untrained eye most slots that have been replicated for a mobile device look identical to their online equivalent, however there are normally a few subtle differences. For example; there may be options to ‘swipe’ or ‘scroll’ during the game that would not be possible on a desktop device. You will also find that spin buttons, menus and game options are placed in convenient places to make the user experience much more appealing, especially considering there is no mouse and keyboard options are limited.

Mobile slot gaming is set to increase exponentially over the coming years and the developers are fully aware of this. There is a whole raft of new games, technology and start ups competing for this growing market, which means lots of top slots games for players.

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