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Chocolates slot review

chocolates slot gameChocolates slot by Big Time Gaming is a pretty good game despite the rather odd subject matter. We have a scenic rural background of trees and grassy hillocks and birdsong to accompany the jaunty and repetitive music while we spin those reels which lie over a little house. The game Chocolates slot is a hybrid of two other BTG classics, Donuts slot and Danger High Voltage slot with a feature of which elements will be familiar to players of Lil' Devil slot too. Will these chocolates be sweetening our bankroll here or shall we be left with a bitter taste in our mouths?

On The Reels...

Chocolates slot is like Donuts in that we have a 4x4 grid with stacked symbols and 256-ways to win, but we get chocolate boxes landing on any reel which will open to reveal 2,3 or 4 of the same premium symbol, therefore 2401 ways are possible here. You see Wilds on reels 2,3 and 4 and sometimes these can reveal a Golden Ticket which is a 6x multiplier, so Danger High Voltage players will know about this as that game too can effectively multiply wins 216x if all three appear at once! The 4-of-a-kind pays are Purple Chocolate 1x bet, Red 0.5x, Blue 0.4x and Green 0.3x. The six card values only pay 4OAK wins unlike the Chocolates which pay 3OAK too and these are either 0.2 or 0.1x. This may not sound much but this slot has some big sweet surprises in store if you hit 3 or 4 of the final symbol here, the Clock scatters.

Free Games

You will get yourself 7 free spins for 3 or 10 spin for 4 scatters and you cannot retrigger, but can earn extra spins if you're very lucky. You may ask now how can those low line pays can earn you huge wins, so I shall tell you. When you trigger the bonus, the cuckoo appears from his little attic above the reels and from one to all your triggering scatters will become sticky Chocolate Boxes - just hope the reels don't darken for the bonus too quickly before he goes back in which means he's had time to make more than one scatter a sticky box! Any further boxes landing during the spins will also become sticky, and if you fill a reel up you get 3 extra spins same as when you fill a reel up with Wilds on DHV or Lil' Devil slot on the 7-spin bonus option. You also get the multiplying Wilds in the spins unlike with Donuts.
As boxes appear on all reels and can reveal up to 4 symbols, which will be the same colour for all boxes present, you could theoretically get 65,536-ways with all positions filled with boxes which then all revealed 4 symbols! More realistically speaking though, it's good to get one on each reel early on as then all subsequent spins must give you at least 16 ways of a premium if they all revealed the minimum 2 Chocolates. Factor in the fact that you can get 6x Wilds too then those small 4OAK pays seem very far away when you're getting sometimes hundreds of ways in one spin.

Our View...

Chocolates slot is actually quite brilliant considering it's been tacked together from elements of other Big Time Gaming slots, something that more often than not is laziness and lack of imagination on the part of the developer. Not in this case though, with a 96.60% RTP and some pretty big hits coming in the base game too. The sounds are average and so are the graphics and animations, but BTG have always kept it simple in that respect with the focus on big hit potential and excitement. The free games are very exciting although as with the other 7-spin features BTG have on their games, the round can effectively be over in the first 3 spins if the required enhancements don't appear quickly. If you get boxes on all reels in the first 3 spins say, then land another couple you have big wins guaranteed every spin thereafter, get the full reel and 3 extra spins then you'll be laughing all the way to the cash-out button. I'm telling you all now, I've suddenly found I have a very sweet tooth...

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