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Snakes and Ladders Megadice slot review

snakes and ladders megadice slot gameSnakes and Ladders Megadice slot from game studio Reel Kingdom appears to be a refreshing change from the usual slots and features. Silly calypso music and cartoon characters assail our senses here with the game set over a mountainous jungle background with waterfalls. There has already been an old Snakes and Ladders slot from mFortune and our reptilian fix other than that has mainly come from the brilliant Medusa slot and the outstanding Medusa II slot from Nextgen. So can we adder a bit to our bankroll here or will it be a serious case of snakebite for our stash?

On the reels...
We have 10 pay lines over 5 reels of 3 rows with single symbols on . The 5-of-a-kind pays are Gorilla 50x, Banana or Cobra 20x, Ladders 15x with 10x or 5x for the five card values. You can also land Wild Dice which display 1, 2 or 3x multipliers and these also pay 50x for 5OAK. A Logo bonus scatter appears on all reels and these can trigger the feature for 3+ as well as the progressive trigger we will see below.

Board Bonus
You can get 3+ scatters or fill the 11 sections of the Snake over the game by collecting enough Dice numbers progressively from the Dice Wilds. You also have a feature similar to UK AWP slots whereby if you get to exactly 4 on the Snake Trail, it will offer randomly 2-5 extra dice rolls to see if you can get to the board. If you go over the 11 necessary positions, the excess is held over for subsequent base game play. If you fill it twice, you will get an automatic retrigger/repeat of the board feature.
Dice Rolls - you now roll two dice 12 times if triggered by the Snake Trail being full or a 3-scatter trigger. Landing 4 or 5 scatters will award +2 rolls so a maximum of 16 is possible. The Board is 12x12 in size and as well as Snakes and Ladders we get bonus squares. Most are money squares of 4-100x bet, but there are multiplier squares which work on the total win so far, Bananas which add more money squares in random places. There are hidden Skyscrapers which will act like a ladder and take you higher up the board too. The round ends when you have used your rolls up or reached the end of the board at position 144 which also pays 1000x! You have a feature guarantee of 20x, if you don't hit this your Monkey Mover will go to the end of the board picking up any money square amounts and multipliers but not the Bananas or Skyscrapers. If you haven't got a retrigger by filling the trail snake twice, if you get to 144 you will get a dice roll - throw a double and you collect your winnings and start the round again. The win cap is 5,300x stake so hitting this also ends the round!

Our View...
Snakes and Ladders Megadice slot has a very good RTP of 96.685 and is also a very entertaining game. It's rare to see old-style board features from pub slots effectively incorporated into modern online random slots and they have executed it well. The game may look and sound a bit naff with only rare decent hits in the base game despite the high line pays. The feature fortunately isn't hard to land and tends to pay a decent amount as well as being fun to watch. it seem a significant chunk of the game RTP is invested into it. This really is a slot of great ups and downs...

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