Heidi and Hannahs Bierhaus slot

Heidi and Hannahs Bierhaus slot review

heidi and hannahs bier haus slot gameHeidi and Hannah's Bierhaus slot by WMS is alas a sad shadow of WMS' classic Bierhaus game with it's memorable German Accordion and Oompah Band music and Lederhosen-clad beer drinkers! For those not familiar with the German language Bier Haus literally means Beer House or pub as we know it in the English-speaking world. Here the beer has been moved outside to a lawn in summer with a buxom Heidi and Hannah either side and the game seems to be a copy of Heidi's Bier Haus from first impressions although I hope I'm wrong, as if you like your Beer then the Casinomeister slot would surely be a better choice! So is our bankroll going to get a good head on it or will it end up flat and warm?

On the reels...

There are 6 reels of 6 rows each on Heidi and Hannah's Bierhaus slot with 50 fixed pay lines which you pay a rather weird 18-coins to play. Symbols are stacked in singles or pairs and the pays crashingly low with only just over 2x for 6-of-a-kind Wild Beer Jugs which is 40 coins, 30 for Hans who still appears and hasn't been made redundant. After this we get 20 for the Bier Haus, Accordion or Beerstein, 15 for Trombone, Pretzel or Felt Hat with 10 for all four card suits. You get a symbol super-stacked on every spin which you'll notice as the reels spin round and we see a return of the random Wild reels feature whereby the buxom duo turn the pumps on above 1 to 6 of the reels to fill them will beer and turn them Wild. That would pay a colossal 111x bet for all 6 reels. Meh.

Free Games Bonus

Heidi, Hannah, Heidi with Hannah and Hans appear on the reels but not on all and even then in different colours such as red, green and purple. You need a combination of them on at least the first 5 reels to trigger various amounts of free games with various add-ons. You get from 5 to 100 spins appears on all reels stacked in pairs and in 3 different colours of which you need to land any mix on 4, 5 or 6 consecutive reels left-to-right. Green Girls are just normal scatters, Purple Girls will stay in place as sticky Wilds once the free games begin, and a Red Girl only appears on reel 4 and if part of the trigger gives you a spin on the bonus wheel before you games start. If you trigger with just 5 Girls in view you get 5 spins, but with 6 you get 10 spins, 7 for 15 and 8 for 20 right up to 100 for 20 or more.

The bonus wheel can land on one of four internal jackpot amounts if it lands on one of the 4 character tiles, 5, 7 or 10 extra free spins or 3 Hans Spins which means that randomly 3 separate and additional free spins will be overlaid with the Hans Wilds. You will also notice a higher frequency of the Girls' random Wild reels feature too. You can retrigger the spins in the same way as the initial trigger does. Lastly you get the dreaded WMS Feature Guarantee, is this case a shocking 50 coins or in other words less than 3x bet.

Our View...

Heidi and Hannah's Bierhaus slot is completely superfluous to the WMS slot catalogue as it's a near-copy of Heidi's Bierhaus and has even less potential somehow. Your RTP is 96.15% which is somehow moot as the crsuhing tedium and low variance simply results in an 'egg-timer' mechanic on your bankroll. You cannot fault the graphics, sounds and animations here which is a shame as the game is so bad you'd need quite a lot of beer to even contemplate remaining on the slot for longer than it takes to down a pint. It could have been so much better, but as we are used to lately from WMS, we have have another missed opportunity. Spend your money down the oub instead...

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