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New Bitcoin slot game released

The Betcoin Bitcoin Entertainment Network has officially confirmed the release of a new slot game called Betcoin Reels.

This new slot release will give online slots players the chance to play a slot using the online gambling currency Bitcoin. The slot will also become the first game to accept the Litecoin credits.

Betcoin stated that the new HTML5 slot web app features a design and layout that can be accessed from any mobile platform or device. Players can also win up to 1,000x their total bet on this slot.

Betcoin’s James Mason said that the “firm is currently updating its entire gaming platform with the Litecoin currency options and will soon offer its customers other major alt-currencies such as Primecoin and Namecoin.”

Mason added “BetCoin also plans to release additional HTML5 games and roll-out a complete mobile web app casino that will support a range of alternate currencies.”

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