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MGM Grand Casino plans to give away slot that has not paid out jackpot in 20 years

MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas confirmed plans to give away a slot machine on its casino floor that has failed to pay out a jackpot win in over 20 years of play.

The Lion’s Share slot has gained a cult following on social networking sites for its notorious reputation of being the only $1 progressive slot machine to have never paid out a jackpot. It is believed that whoever hits the jackpot will win an incredible $2.3 million that has built up over the years.

The slot is the last of 50 identical slot machines that were introduced to the luxurious casino resort in Las Vegas and the casino stated that it plans on giving the slot away to whoever can manage to trigger the multi-million pound jackpot.

Interestingly, under Nevada gaming laws, the slot machine cannot be disposed of until the jackpot inside of the machine has been triggered. The casino is still waiting for that momentous event to take place and players from across the world are now queuing up to try and win the big prize.

The machine has become something of a celebrity in its own right with players flocking to the MGM Grand Casino purely to try their luck on the machine that has become one of the most legendary slots in the world.

One player, Siubhan Pabst said “I’m not normally like this, but with this machine, I talk to it. Whenever a lion comes up, I rub it. I know it’s strange, but the machine has this juju about it.”