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The all new Gamingslots website is now live! What a relief for the team, especially Ben and Razvan who both pulled some crazy hours migrating the website and getting everything working as it should be. The stress and toil put in warranted a party, so the team got together with some friends and colleagues from the gaming industry for a little ‘relaunch celebration’.

The evening started (and remained) in The Hippodrome Casino in London, UK. This awesome venue, located right in the middle of Leicester Square, provided all the necessary entertainment we needed for a special relaunch night.

The team started with dinner in the Heliot Restaurant on the first floor of the casino. Catering for meat-lovers, this steak house offered a variety of dishes with meat, fish and the occasional vegetable on the menu. It was largely enjoyable, but we were all forced to eat quickly as we had guests arriving soon for our party in Lola’s Underground Casino in the basement of The Hippodrome.

Heliot restaurant meals

After dinner the Gamingslots team made a quick dash down to the basement of The Hippodrome, as guests were arriving for the Gamingslots relaunch party. The management at Lola’s had very kindly granted us a table next to the gambling tables, which allowed us to entertain guests, show them a sneak peak of the new website and then go bet some money. Guests all picked up £50 of free chips courtesy of the party budget and a drink or two at the bar, which was conveniently located next to our table.

Hippodrome Casino party

As the evening kicked on and more guests arrived Lola’s was getting into full swing. It was like a nightclub with a casino in it, music playing and lots of people gambling at the tables. There were certainly a few drinks flowing as well…

Unfortunately for us slots lovers, most of the machines were upstairs. Getting near one was very difficult too, as there is only 20 slots terminals in the whole casino (UK gambling laws prohibit anymore than this). So we had to go without for the evening….

Gamingslots relaunch party guests

The night was best captured in a picture that was taken in the room next to the main casino floor in Lola’s. Several members of the Gamingslots team along with some of our guests got together round a barbers chair. I am not really sure why…

Gamingslots relaunch party dentist chair

By 1am most of the guests were partied out and headed home in taxis, trains or whatever means they could get at that hour. Some stumbled into a bar next door and didn’t manage to leave there for several hours… It was a top night though and the Gamingslots team would like to thanks all the guests for coming down and celebrating with us.