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One lucky player was celebrating becoming an instant millionaire this week after triggering the Mega Fortune progressive mega jackpot for a value of €3,056,545.

The huge jackpot win on the NetEnt-developed slot, equivalent to $3,236,621 and £2,189,823, was triggered at Norwegian casino NorskeAutomater and comes just 9 weeks and 1 day after the previous win by an anonymous player at LeoVegas Casino worth €5,657,495.

The win is still some way off the highest recorded jackpot win on Mega Fortune. That is currently held by an anonymous player at Paf Casino back on 20th January, 2013 who won a staggering €17,860,868 on this jackpot slot.

Mistaken deposit
This latest win on Mega Fortune has elements of fate to it as this was the first visit to NorskeAutomater by the player. It is also believed that they made a deposit for more than they anticipated, so decided to play it though rather than withdraw the sum.

The winning player, who has yet to be identified, stated “I don’t view myself as a superstitious person, but Friday the 13th turned out extraordinary. I wanted to deposit 1,000 NOK, but I made a mistake and deposited €1,000 instead, which is 8 times more. I wanted to cancel the transaction, but it was too late. I also got 2,000 NOK in bonus on my first deposit, so I had 10,000 NOK to play with.”

He added “My favourite game is South Park, but I decided to play Mega Fortune instead since the jackpot was so large. The rest, as they say, is history. It’s like it was meant to be. I haven’t decided how to spend the money yet, but I will definitely renovate my house.”

The Mega Fortune progressive mega jackpot was reset at €225,000 but in just a matter of days has already increased to a value of €350,000 at the time of press. The progressive jackpot triggers on average once every 12 weeks and 3 days with an average win value of €4,492,176.