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The Migrogaming progressive jackpot slot Mega Moolah has delivered yet another massive winner, with the lucky player landing a $7,452,254 (€6,097,012 or £5,388,259) jackpot payout.

This latest win has not been officially announced yet, however the jackpot has been re-seeded, confirming that it was hit. This latest $7.5m win pushes way past the average win on Mega Moolah or around $5m, but is some way short of the record win of a staggering £13.2m won on this jackpot slot back in October 2015 by ex-soldier John H.

Mega Moolah’s ‘Mega’ jackpot is won in the bonus feature of the game. You need to work your way into the middle of the bonus wheel to stand a chance of winning. Typically Mega Moolah is won every 9 weeks, although this does vary. That makes it one of the most frequent millionaire makers anywhere online.