playing slots on mobile device

New stake limits for online slots will be introduced in the UK from September. The maximum stake a player aged 18 to 24 will be able to place on a single spin will be £2 ($2.50 or 2.30), and £5 ($6.30 or 5.80) for people 25 and older.

This decision comes after a 10-week consultation, where a range of views were considered from industry experts, individuals, and the wider casino industry. Studies show that young adults under 25 are more vulnerable to problems related to gambling.

Implementing changes

The new rules will start in September. There will be a six-week period for companies to follow the £5 limit, and then another six weeks for them to make any technical changes needed to follow the £2 limit for young adults.

The limits for online slots are just part of a range of measures on the way in the UK designed to make gambling safer and to reduce the risk of addiction and harm. The UK government, in conjuction with the Gambling Commission, are working on a White Paper that will outline a range of new measures that will be introduced over time.

Gambling Minister Stuart Andrew said: “Although millions of people gamble safely every single day, the evidence shows that there is a significantly higher problem gambling rate for online slot games.”

“We also know that young adults can be more vulnerable when it comes to gambling related harms, which is why we committed to addressing both of these issues in our white paper.”

“The growing popularity of online gambling is clear to see, so this announcement will level the playing field with the land-based sector and is the next step in a host of measures being introduced this year that will protect people from gambling harms.”

These rules are part of the government’s plan to update the gambling industry for the digital age. They also want to introduce a set amount of money for research, prevention, and treatment of gambling issues. Plus, they are working on checks to prevent huge, life-changing losses. The government is listening to concerns from the public and the gambling industry to find the right balance between protection and freedom.

Supporting other forms of gambling

The government also wants to support the land-based gambling industry, which provides many jobs. They are working on making sure the industry thrives while keeping people safe from gambling problems.

CEO of GambleAware Zoë Osmond said: “We welcome the Government’s announcement to introduce lower online stake limits for under 25s as an important mechanism to protect young people. Our research shows a concerning trend with this age group experiencing an increase in harm arising from gambling and online slots are very high-risk products.”

“As we continue our work to tackle this growing public health issue, we will collaborate with the Government and others across the gambling harms sector to ensure there are no missed opportunities when it comes to the introduction of robust preventative measures, including new regulations such as these.”

Licensed casino operators that fail to implement the new stake limits may be subject to fines. There has yet to be guidance on how unlicensed casinos will be pursued if they are offering higher limits to UK players after September.