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Ted Pub Fruit Series slot review

ted pub fruit slot gameTed Pub Fruit Series slot isn't what you may expect if you are familiar with the compensated cabinet 3-reel slots found in UK pubs and amusement arcades. It doesn't have 3 reels for a start and has pay lines and not just a single winning line. Obviously it's based on the franchised film theme the same as Blueprint's Ted slot with voice clips from our foul-mouthed and flatulent furry friend and some gentle bar-like background music to spin to. The reels are set in a cabinet as if it were in a pub and the board only becomes visible when the feature trail is triggered, so will Ted's Pub Fruit leave make our bankroll merry or will we leave hungover?

On The Reels...

The main grid is the standard 5 reels of 3 rows configuration with stacked symbols and no Wilds or scatters. We have 5 paying lines with stacked icons though and the pays aren't bad at 50x bet for 5-of-a-kind Ted Logo, 25x Ted, 20x Duck, 10x Plum or Grapes with 5x for Orange, Lemon or Cherry. That's it for the reels, but some symbols are overlaid with numbers 1 to 4 and these are what we need to trigger the board game with its 16 different features and 3 hi-lo gamble modes.

Feature Trail

So, we need 9 or more positions to enter the game board. If you get to 4 on the trail there are modifiers such as Add Again, yes/no shots to add a single position to the trail and Stoppa which may randomly add positions or even land you on the cash ladder itself. Once we are there, the game transforms into the traditional Pub Fruit slot!

Feature Board

So we have a feature ladder and a cash ladder to the left and right of the board respectively and you can gamble the hi-lo number reel to add to any of these. If not, simply press start to move around the lower trail to add extra life tokens, add to the ladders or raise to the higher trail. Of course, as with the Pub Fruits you can get killed at any time here by Ted, if you haven't earned an extra life. When you gamble the hi-lo and win, the reels spin to add wins to the Cash Pot which like the feature or cash ladders, you can collect any time. The top of both ladders is the Big Money feature which can pay a maximum of 1000x bet.

Features Available

These are the 16 ladder features as described in the game rules:

BIG MONEY - The game transitions to big money.
STREAKER - The base reels shall spin to a win then a repeat YES/NO is given. If yes, the reels spin to another win.
HIGH 5 - The top 5 values dapple of the cash ladder. The player presses start to stop the dapple and is awarded the corresponding prize. A repeat YES/NO is then awarded on that prize.
GOLDEN GOOSE - The player picks to reveal a cash prize. Continues until the player reveals COLLECT from a box.
CASH COMBO - All the values dapple on the cash ladder. The player presses start to stop the dapple and is awarded the corresponding prize. A repeat YES/NO is then awarded, if yes another cash value is awarded.
HIGH RISE - The game brings up 3 pots which the player picks from to reveal CLIMB 1, 2, 3 or collect. Revealing a climb will advance up the cash ladder.
BIG SHOT - The hi-lo reels spins to a random number, the cash ladder will then be incremented by the corresponding number. A cash shot is then awarded on the values above. The player presses start to stop the dapple and will be awarded the corresponding prize. A repeat YES/NO is then awarded on that prize.
MONEY MAKER - All the multipliers will dapple. The player presses start to stop the dapple and is awarded the corresponding prize. A repeat YES/NO is then awarded for another shot. All wins are accumulated into the Cash pot bank.
REEL RUSH - The main game reels will spin and the player is required to press start to stop the reels which then pay any line wins.
EASY MONEY - The player Hi-Lo gambles up the cash ladder until they lose the gamble.
CRAZY CASH - 3 Shots given to climb the cash ladder.
CASH CODE - The base game reels spin and stop. The numbers in view climb the cash ladder by the corresponding number of segments.
BEER MONEY - Brings up 3 Beer bottles and the player picks one to reveal a prize.
TURBO GAMBLE - A gamble up/down on the cash ladder.
HOT SHOT - A random dapple across the cash ladder. The player presses spin to stop the dapple and wins the corresponding prize.
CHERRY SPIN - The base game reels shall spin to a winning combination.

Our View...

Ted Pub Fruit slot is actually good fun to play as we have a normal slot underneath and a decent 96% RTP unlike those terribly low 80% jobs you would see in actual pubs. You can win 1000x bet too, although I saw 200x every time I got to the top feature here. Whether it's a 'true' AWP-style mechanic that could be forced like the old Microgaming AWP's such as Hip Hop O Potamus or Track and Field Mouse before they pulled them, remains to be established. I did notice once I lost a few features early on, it was definitely easier to trigger another so it's not impossible we have a proper compensated mechanic here, although for reasons of auditing and licensing I doubt it. Whichever, it's good low-risk fun and I wouldn't mind another pint with Ted in future...

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