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Attack of the Zombies slot review

attack of the zombies slot main gameAttack of the Zombies slot by Genesis Gaming is another one you would expect to play around Halloween time. Sinister music provides a background for a slot where the characters are anything but sinister, a cartoon format seemingly favoured by far too many developers nowadays.  (If you want REAL scary, try iSoftBet's Paranormal Activity possibly the only slot ever designed that actually provides what the title promises!) but I digress...

The walking dead

Attack of the Zombies slot has 5 reels, 3 rows and 50 paylines with a decent RTP of 96.37%. The symbols are all single and there are 'brain' Wilds on all reels which don't multiply. You get 10x stake should you line up 5-of-a-kind (5OAK) of the Wilds, and similarly all the 4 top-paying symbols also offer 10x stake for 5OAK. The graphics are smooth and you when you get a win comprising of certain symbols you get a rather pathetic 'Zombie' appear over the reels with an equally pathetic 'roar'.

In-play there is actually a 'win feature' which randomly appears and isn't actually described in the paytable, but you seem to get a 3-reel or 4-reel combination of the highest symbol with Wilds and the last reels spin slowly to possibly add more to the win line. At first I thought it was just an animation like the pathetic Zombie but it's actually preceded by a bar of white light over the middle row of the reels.

Bonus features

Attack of the Zombies slot has bonus scatters on all reels and 3 or more trigger a free spins round. There is no limit to the spins because on reel 3 there is a bottle named 'Antidote' and when this appears it will in turn transform the 4 top-paying symbols into Wilds for the remainder of the spins. Obviously this means no retrigger and you are in essence hoping you will get 3 bottles in quick succession to make 3/4 of the possible extra Wilds, because the fourth time the bottle lands and transforms the last symbol into a Wild there is only 1 free spin left, then the round ends.

Our View...

Attack of the Zombies slot simply has no potential for decent wins anywhere, the volatility is so low it would be underground with the dead before they rise. The awards for 5OAKs are as low as you would expect on a multiway slot with stacked symbols, but there are little or no opportunities for multiple winning lines here. The bonus round is disappointing and usually over well before you've accumulated more than 20x stake. This is one slot I hope doesn't come back to life after today...

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