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Paranormal Activity slot review

paranormal activity slot main gameAs the name suggests, a theme from the 'other side' here and I have to say this is the first slot I've played that actually does feel spooky rather than rely on infantile graphics and unconvincing spooky noises. Based on the 2007 supernatural movie, Paranormal Activity slot features characters, sounds and imagery from the film. In standby mode the game gets 'static' over it like the archetypal scenes from horror films where the TV screen is a medium for haunting communications. The sounds are quite clever in adding to the real sense of foreboding this game incurs - not one for those of a nervous disposition!

Symbols of fear

Paranormal Activity slot has 243 ways so there are no paylines. Minimum stake is 30. The Ouija Board is the highest-paying symbol with 16.66 x stake for 5-of-a-kind (5OAK) down to the lowest card symbol at 2.66 x stake for 5OAK. There are scatter symbols on all reels but these don't trigger any bonus, but simply pay 3-25x stake for 3OAK or more. There are very disturbing Wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4 in the form of a young girl with black holes for eyes and they are single and don't multiply.

In-Fright feature

Sometimes at the start of a spin the static appears, reels slow down and ghostly hands appear and place up to 5 randomly-positioned Wilds on the screen before the reels come to rest.

Bonus game

3 bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 trigger a wheel spin. Unfortunately this can merely award a cash prize in addition to the 3 types of free spins rounds below:

PARANORMAL SPINS via the ectoplasmic 'X' on the wheel awards unlimited games until you have accrued 5 wins, and each win increases the multiplier by 1, so the last win will be at 5x.

POSSESSED SPINS via the hollow-eyed girl awards 10 free games with extra stacked Wilds on the reels.

DEMON SPINS via the Demon symbol on the wheel awards 15 spins whereby if the Demon lands on the reels he will overlay random positions with extra Wilds.

Our View...

Paranormal Activity slot is genuinely scary, so much so that some players may hold opinions that put them off the theme. The graphics are excellent and the sound effects go well with the atmosphere if you choose to play the game in dark room, alone. The RTP is a decent 95.10% and the volatility medium to high. The only issue I have is this horrible set-up some games have whereby hitting the bonus after maybe two-hundred spins may not yield the free games, just a tawdry cash award. This a major drawback in my opinion and detracts from an otherwise superb game. I'll sleep on it - if I can...

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