Harley Davidson Freedom Tour slot

Harley Davidson Freedom Tour slot review

harley davidson free tour slot main gameHarley Davidson Freedom Tour slot can leave no doubt to the game's theme! A tribute to the heat of America's most iconic Iron Horses, the smell of oil and throb of those engines is brought to life here as we travel the desert highway (looking for adventure and whatever comes our way...) in the immortal lyrics of Steppenwolf's famous 'Born To Be Wild' track. Quite appropriate as the background to the reels is a desert blacktop road and the soundtrack is a combination of revving bikes, metal music and the clang of hot steel as the reels stop. So how far will you travel down Route 66 with this slot?

Reels of steel

Let me begin by telling you that this slot is is a 'Level up' category. You have 30 lines over 5 reels and 3 rows and pay 50 coins to play. As you progress you open up more features as will be explained. For now though, let's see the hardware on the reels - there are 4 different coloured Harley's as the main symbols which can appear once or twice in view on each reel. The Harley Davidson logo is the Wild which appears singly on all reels and pays 50x bet for a 5-of-a-kind win. The yellow bike is 25x, the blue bike 10x, the green, purple and red bikes 10x bet. The other symbols are the keys, helmet and biker jacket at 3x bet for the 5. There are bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 for the feature trigger.

Roadmap and random

Like Cleopatra Plus, each bonus scatter that lands will add 1 to a totalizer on the bottom left of the game. If you trigger the feature it will add 10 to the total. On any spin where there is no bonus scatter anywhere in view, the Harley Truck may roar across the game and turn 1-4 of any bikes in view Wild and then calculate the win afterwards. The Roadmap basically adds features to the bonus feature which initially starts as a Harley Davidson front wheel of cash values between the spokes from 5 to 200x bet.

So after 50 bonus icons have been accumulated you add the game's free spins feature to the Bonus Wheel, after 120 you add the next one and so-on. We will see these in the next section!

Biker's bonus

After 50 in total or 5 steps (each 10 bonus icons move you 1 step) you open up the first feature, the game's only free spins bonus. This is then added to the Bonus Wheel and so-on.

Free Ride Free Spins - 3 free games on each one a symbol is selected to become a Wild so on the last spin there are 3 extra Wild icons on the reels. No retrigger.

Expanded Top Award - after 12 steps the top-paying 10,000 coin award segment on the Bonus Wheel becomes twice a big.

Showroom Bonus - this is a simple pick game from 14 boxes all containing a x1 multiplier, 50-500 coins or a +1 Pick. You can achieve a maximum of 5x multiplier and 10 picks.

RPM Multiplier - you get an extra Bonus Wheel Spin of which the outcome will be multiplied 2-5x.

Custom Shop Bonus - pick from a screen of lug nuts to reveal a bronze, silver or gold Harley logo. You need 3 to build a bike in that colour. You may also pick a 2x icon which multiplies any completed bike values or an icon with all 3 colours at once thus making it possible to complete 2 or even all 3 of the bikes at once. The bronze bike will award 10-15x bet, the silver 20-30x bet and the gold one 50-200x bet.

Bonus Trigger Boost - a random spin which may occur after certain spins (presumably a bonus symbol reel 1 only) where any bonus symbol landing on reel 3, 5 or both will trigger the Bonus Wheel.

You need 1500 bonus icons in total accumulated to add all the above features to the Bonus Wheel.

Our View...

Harley Davidson Freedom Tour slot has fantastic graphics and sound effects and the theme will certainly appeal to lots of players (mainly men of a certain age!) too. Some slotters will dislike the cumulative nature of this 'Level Up' type of game in the belief they must play it for a considerable time before getting a decent RTP which in this instance is 92.50-96.60%. This is not the case as you tend to get plenty of random Harley Truck Wild features in the base game and very frequent wins. The bonus potential isn't too high anyway, well below 500x bet with the exception of a freak RPM Multiplier feature which would theoretically offer you the top value of 10,000 coins at 5x multiplier, or 1000x stake. Will you fancy sitting on your piece of Milwaukee metal and gettin' out on the highway?

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